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Services - Keyword Research

Unlock the Power of SEO with Effective Keyword Research

At IM Holding, we offer comprehensive SEO keyword research services in the UK.

Our expertise in keyword research empowers your website to achieve higher rankings, increased visibility, and targeted organic traffic.

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    Our Keyword Research Strategy

    When it comes to optimizing your website for search engines, keyword research plays a vital role.
    Here are the key components we focus on:

    Understanding your Business

    We begin by gaining a deep understanding of your business, industry, and target audience. This helps us identify relevant keywords that resonate with your brand and attract potential customers.

    Competitor Analysis

    We analyze your competitors’ keyword strategies to gain insights and identify opportunities for your business. This allows us to refine your keyword strategy and gain a competitive edge.

    Long-tail Keyword Optimization

    In addition to targeting high-volume keywords, we also focus on long-tail keywords. These highly specific phrases often have less competition and can drive targeted traffic to your website.

    Keyword Mapping

    We develop a comprehensive keyword mapping strategy to ensure that each page of your website is optimized for relevant keywords. This helps search engines understand the relevance of your content and improves your website’s visibility in search results.

    Keyword Identification

    Our team conducts thorough research to identify relevant keywords that align with your business objectives. We consider search volume, competition, and relevance to ensure the keywords we target have maximum impact.

    Tracking and Reporting

    We continuously monitor the performance of your targeted keywords and provide detailed reports on keyword rankings, organic traffic, and other relevant metrics. This allows us to make data-driven optimizations and fine-tune your SEO strategy for optimal results.


    Keyword research is the process of identifying and analyzing the search terms or phrases that users enter into search engines. It helps businesses understand what their target audience is searching for and enables them to optimize their website and content accordingly.

    Keyword research is vital in SEO as it allows businesses to optimize their website and content to align with user search intent. It helps improve search engine rankings, drive targeted organic traffic, and increase the chances of attracting relevant visitors to the website.

    It depends on your specific business goals and target audience. Short-tail keywords are broader and more competitive, while long-tail keywords are more specific and have lower competition. A balanced approach that targets a mix of both can often yield the best results.

    The timeline for seeing results can vary depending on factors such as competition, website authority, and the effectiveness of your optimization efforts. Generally, it takes time to build organic rankings, and it’s important to monitor and adjust your strategy as needed.

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